Boost Your Blackjack Winnings by Doubling Down

Blackjack has a few strategies that make it possible to win a lot quickly…

Doubling down is one of the most popular methods. This move allows the player to double their wager after the initial two cards have been dealt. But the player is allowed only one more card from the dealer. Meanwhile, the dealer can still draw up to three cards.

Generally speaking, a player will double down when dealt either 10 or 11 points on the first two cards; as there are up to 16 cards worth 10 points, plus the four aces. It’s an opportunity to be dealt a high card and beat the dealer. When that happens, the winnings can be sizeable.

Pick the Right Time to Double Down

Many blackjack players always double down when getting an 11 on the initial deal. This can be a big mistake. Having 11 points can be a great time to double down, but it isn’t necessarily the best time to do it. That’s because the dealer might have an equally good deal — or better.

If the dealer is showing 10 points or an Ace on the hand, the double down bet could wind up doubling the loss. Unfortunately, many players double down automatically when dealt 11 on the initial deal, and wind up losing the hand and more money.

Doubling down often works best when the dealer is showing a “bust” card. That would be any card valued at 5 or 6 points. In those cases, the dealer must draw at least one more card, and stands a good chance of winding up with 22 or more points.

So long as the dealer is showing a bust card, the player can double down when his initial hand includes an Ace and any other card worth 2 to 6 points.

The idea is to force the dealer to take another card and go bust, while the player only gets one other card, making it impossible to go over 21 points and lose.

A smart player picks the right time to double down, and the move can grow a bankroll, beat the house and be lots of fun along the way.

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