Biggest Frauds in the History of Gambling

Casino heists make interesting movie themes, but the gambling frauds on this list can make the best of Hollywood thrillers look pale in comparison.

Gamblers can win or lose, but some of them are ready to push their luck a bit more than the others. These daredevils practically bet their lives for tilting the odds in their favour. Sometimes, they win. Most of the times, they end up behind bars. However, popular and trusted poker and casino websites like poker 188bet take every possible precaution to thwart such attempts but still such unfortunate incidents take place.

Let’s take a look at the biggest gambling frauds in history, and what happened to the people who pulled them off.

The Slot Machine Wizard

Tommy Glenn Carmichael will go down in history for making the most money from slot machines. He was a TV mechanic, and used his knowledge of electronics to create a magic ‘light wand’—a 7-inch device that contained a magnet and a battery-operated light bulb. Each time he scored a standard win, Carmichael would insert the wand into the coin-release shoot to override the machine’s mechanism. The machine would keep spitting out coins that averaged at a few hundred dollars. Carmichael wielded his wand for more than two decades before he was arrested in 1985 and put in jail for 5 years. He wouldn’t give up, though, and was arrested again in 1996, 1998 and 1999, after which he was probably old enough to retire.

The Beauty and the Roulette Ball

This exceptionally intelligent scam was pulled off by a French roulette dealer and his exceptionally beautiful sister. The dealer took help from a sculptor friend to conceal a tiny receiver inside a hand-crafted roulette ball. A transmitter was hidden in a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, which was carried by the dealer’s sister. Using the transmitter, they were able to control the drop of the implanted ball with 90% accuracy.

The dealer’s brother-in-law played the role of the gambler. When the dealer rolled the wheel, the girl would press a button on her pack of Marlboros. The ball would take a dive and drop into a span of 6-number spaces. The team ‘won’ more than 5-million francs before they were caught, thanks to the slender curves and dangling trusses on the Marlboro-smoking beauty. The casino’s management knew someone was scamming them, but couldn’t figure out how. Watching the roulette table again and again, the casino owner couldn’t help but notice that the beautiful girl was always around when action was hot. Suspecting a connection, they watched the girl and were able to uncover the most ingenious scam in gambling history.

The Ghost Brothers

Roseli Brothers duped American casinos of millions of dollars between mid-1990s and early 2000s. Their scam was based on one of the most elaborate plans in history. They started by stealing the identities of wealthy Americans from the national database. They created false identities based on this information, and used them to apply for lines of credit from casinos across America. Roseli Brothers did a professional job and left no loose ends. They even rented apartments and established fake offices in the names of the false personas that they had created. Casinos found these people (or their false identities) credit-worthy, and would offer large sums of money upfront as credit markers. Roseli Brothers would go around the casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Puerto Rico, receiving VIP services, staying in penthouses, drinking fine wines, and enjoying the works.

They had more than 50 cracked accounts lined up for them, and were careful not to be identified by some pit-boss. It took the casinos years to uncover the plot, upon which they notified the FBI. The beauty of this scam is that Roselli Brothers never actually existed. That identity was also stolen from people who had died years before the scam even began. The FBI is still clueless about who they were, and they are still out there, probably having a ball of a time at another casino in another part of the world.


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