All about the Dice Game – VDice

Ethereum is basically an open software platform that is entirely based on the technology of blockchain. It allows its users to set up decentralized applications. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are a type of distributed public blockchain network. Though there are certain absolutely remarkable differences between the two, the most notable ones are their usage purpose and their capability. When any payment is done through electronic cash system, with the use of Bitcoins, the details of the user can be easily tracked down. Whereas, in case of Ethereum ultimate privacy is maintained. In the Ethereum blockchain, the crypto currency you deal with is, Ether and not Bitcoin.

Playing dice games with Ether

One of the most popular and the easiest use of Bitcoin is, gambling. Starting from simple fair dice game to a full-fledged online casino Bitcoin has attained huge popularity. It helps users to gamble without following any kinds of restrictions. In the US, the regular online poker is considered as illegal, but online poker with Bitcoins or any other crypto currencies is gladly accepted and does not fall under any kind of restrictions. This is one of the prime reasons why Ether based gambling websites have suddenly gained so much prominence. They offer high level of flexibility even more than that of Bitcoins and allow its developers to build their own gambling applications on the existing blockchain. Such decentralized applications also known as gambling Dapps can operate in situations even when the front-end of any website is inactive. VDice is one of the gambling Dapps and a type of Ethereum dice which is becoming highly successful.

About VDice

It is a simple fair dice game that has been designed taking inspiration from SatoshiDice which is played with Bitcoins. The game vDice has derived its name from Vitalik Buterin, who is the inventor of the network of Ethereum. The game is entirely decentralized and does not require any server to run. This system is based on smart contracts of Ethereum. Although it is based on a decentralized platform, yet it relies on Oracle and derives all sorts of information from for selecting random numbers. is a trusted website that is been used since a long time and it is known to provide information that you can trust on. This website is known to use atmospheric noises to generate these numbers. Recently, VDice has introduced a crowdfunding campaign to further establish its market and develop the platform of gambling. It issued some limited number of tokens known as vSlice that represents ownership of the platform. The profit earned from this platform is automatically distributed amongst the token holders proportionately.

How to play

Here are few steps you need to follow while playing this Ethereum dice game. Firstly, click to go to VDice. No registration is required to play this game. Then, scroll down where you will come across multiple addresses. Once you have chosen the bet you are willing to make, click on the “Play” button. You will be guided to the Ether address for that particular bet in this game. Now, you need to send the amount within the limits that you want to bet to that Ether address. You are all set to rock.

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